PTC Innovation AB

University West Trollhättan has a research group at the Production Technology Centre in Trollhättan. This group is doing research in the fields of Welding, Thermal Spray, Additive manufacturing, Machining and Robotics.
PTC Innovation AB is a spin-off company working with commercialization of the research done at the University. The company works with advanced development of manufacturing processes and related services with primary focus on thermal spraying and welding.

We are located at the Production Technology Centre in Trollhättan. This research centre has advanced equipment and everything needed to develop new, smart production methods to strengthen the competitiveness of technological companies and to maintain industrial production in Sweden.

We are European agent and demonstration/development center for: HVAF High Velocity Air Fuel technology and,


  • Application and Process development
  • Salse of Thermal Spray equipment, HVAF, Plasma 
  • Material characterization 
  • Solutions for fixturing and masking
  • Help with specifications and support with the purchase process for thermal spray equipment
  • Customer specific education/training
  • Repair of parts

Per Nylen (CEO)
Stefan Björklund

+46 (0) 520 - 289 300 (switchboard)
+46 (0) 733975126


PTC Innovation AB have sold a HVAF M3 system to the Swedish company Thermal Spray Engineering AB,  Malmö, TSE AB.
We have signed a cooperation agreement to have TSE acting as our production facility and where PTC  innovation acts as the research and development department for TSE. 
PTC Innovation AB hereby have the possibillity to scale up projects/production capacity to the customers need.

PTC Innovation is one of seven winning propsals in a Graphene Innovation contest "use of graphene" arranged by the SIO Graphene consortium
Vinners of the SIO Graphene contest

PTC Innovation at
" Pump days" conference in Gothenburg with a presentation of HVAF as the Thermal Spray solution to wear problems in cutter pumps in Bio Gas manufacturing:

PTC innovation is a Distributor of Uniquecoat Technology,
Our focus is on application development for customers with HVAF as the solution.