Plasma Spray

We have been working with traditional plasma spray  (oerlikon Metco) since 2001 and high power Axial Plasma Spray (Axial feed of feed stock material) since 2013.
We have a lot of experience of Axial Plaasma Spray and we have been working with powder as feed stock (APS, Atmopheric Plasma Spray), Suspension Plsama Spray with the feed stock in the form of finne powder in ethanol or water, and even Solution Precurser Plasme Spray where the feedstock material is in the forrm of "salts".

We have extencive experience with the Axial Plasma Spray system and will be able to support you in a process of purchase, installation and startup of a system like that.


M600 Axial III Plasma Spray Torch

Axial III Plasma Spray System is a high power, high efficiency torch
with injection of feedstock materials directly into the centre of plasma
plume – axial injection.
The system is built around the Axial III plasma spray torch and
process. Axial III may be used in Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS) or
Suspension Plasma Spray (SPS).

The main features of the system are:
 Three built-in arc chambers with converging plasma channels
 Central injection of feedstock into converged plasma plume,
 Stable and controlled output power range from 30 kW to 150 kW
 Three-gas plasma chemistry (Ar, N2, H2/He) with continuous control,
 Capability of spraying at very high feed rates,
 High deposition efficiencies for all materials,
 Small spray footprint for reduced overspray, 

Axial-III System is a field-proven plasma spray product for both conventional industrial coatings and high-performance applications such as graded coatings, reactive metal spraying, high temperature ceramics and spray forming.

Due to its unique axial injection, the Axial-III System has significantly higher deposition efficiencies, higher spray rates, better coating quality, and better control of coating properties than many other competing solutions.
Axial III spray technology provides a wide spectrum of applications and the same torch can be used in a wide variety of applications, from ceramics and carbides to plastics, and reactive metal spraying, blended coatings and graded coatings.
The Axial III System can deliver substantial savings on both powder and operating costs over other non-axially injected systems due to its superior deposition rates and efficiency.

Ability to spray all materials from plastics to ceramics
Ability to spray fine powders, <10µm
Ability to spray nanopowders in suspension
Oblique angle spraying of cermets and ceramics
Control of plasma velocities from low to supersonic
Ability to spray reactive and blended powders


NanoFeed TM line of liquid and suspension feeders for spray industry has been developed to enable delivery of submicron powders to thermal spray torches. The NanoFeed delivery systems provide an efficient and controllable way to deliver ultrafine powders to the torch whenever delivery of the same materials in dry form is not possible.  
Nanofeed 350 has been designed for R&D and small spray shop markets. Its low tank volume significantly reduces suspension waste and simplifies cleaning procedures without compromising functionality of the device. 
NanoFeed 350 model is a fully automatic, computer controlled device.

Ability to transport sub-micron powders over long distance
Ability to atomize liquids
Full integration with Axial III control system,
Microprocessor controlled,
Precise control of suspension flow rate,
Continuous monitoring of suspension density,
Control of atomizing gas flow (Through Axial III control system),
Continuous monitoring and displaying of process variables,
Datalog of process variables,
Real time trending of process variables.

Powder size 10nm to 10µm
Powder type  metal, ceramic
Slurry concentration max. 40% solids
Slurry flow rate 10 - 185 ml/min 
Flow stability better than +/-1 g/min
Slurry tank capacity 5 litres
Injection pressure 60 psi max
Atomizing gas flow 0 – 30 l/min
Operation Integrated with Axial III Controls
Feed  rate control
Delivery line cleaning
Air blast liquid removal
Recirculation line
In-tank agitation
Emergency stop

The NanoFeed 350 is designed to work with water and ethanol based suspensions.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to insure that this product is installed in compliance with all local regulations, such as ventilation requirements.  This product as quoted is not suitable for installation into a Hazardous (flammable) environment.  Please enquire with PTC for information on optional Class 1 Division 2 or Zone 2 hazardous environment ratings.


The G4™ is a gravimetric powder feeder is designed for use with thermal spray processes such as HVOF, HVAF, Plasma, Cold Spray, Laser Cladding, and other industrial applications.
The G4™ automatically maintains the feed rate, which can be set in standard or customary units. The patent pending feeding mechanism contains no wearing seals and provides consistent, smooth powder flow, that does not deteriorate with time.
The G4™ will be supplied integrated with the Axial III control system.

Automatically maintains the feed rate that can be set in grams per second, grams per minute, kg per hour, or lb per hour.
Patent pending metering blade mechanism provides smooth, continuous powder flow.
Contains no wearing seals and does not require regular replacement of seals or other parts to maintain proper operation.
Touchscreen interface
Instant start/stop, no powder "after flow" 
Not sensitive to back-pressure 

G4™ Powder Feeder
Flow Rate1 - 600 g/min
Operating Pressure0 - 150 PSI (G4 model)
Hopper Capacity5L, 10L (optional)
Powder Size0 - 200 µm standard, custom calibration available